An industry strategy toward circularity

CEP activities and projects are anchored around two strategic frameworks that address core questions guiding our work:

What vision of the circular industry are we working toward?

What is needed for the industry to get there?

The first question finds its answer in the Circular Electronics System Map, while the second is addressed by the Circular Electronics Roadmap 2.0

Circular Electronics System Map

The Circular Electronics System Map defines what we mean by a circular electronic product and the system needed for change at scale. It is our North Star, guiding not only CEP members but the entire industry in the transition to a circular electronics.

Circular Electronics Roadmap V0.2

The Circular Electronics Roadmap describes the path to achieving the vision outlined in the System Map. It sets our agenda until 2030, identifying 40 actions that would help drive progress in key stages of the electronics value chain.

Get involved

Does your organization already work on addressing some of these Roadmap actions?
We want to hear from you! CEP is looking to collaborate, avoid duplicating efforts and accelerate collective progress on the Roadmap.