The Circular Electronics

The Circular Electronics Roadmap provides the electronics industry and its stakeholders with 40 clear actions across six pathways that follow the product lifecycle to enable companies’ transition to a circular economy by 2030. It is the result of an extensive stakeholder engagement process with more than 100 experts from companies and NGOs and its success relies on continued collaboration.

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In 2020, the CEP launched an extensive stakeholder engagement project to inform this first-of-its-kind roadmap. CEP mobilized the six founding partners, and more than 80 experts from 40 companies, industry associations and non-governmental organizations. Following six months of collaboration, they identified the barriers, enablers and necessary interventions across six Pathways that would help drive progress in key stages of the electronics value chain.

Since 2020, the world and our understanding of circular electronics has evolved. To keep the CEP roadmap relevant, current members and founding partners initiated a holistic review in 2023. We collectively reviewed each of the Pathways and their respective 40 actions, adjusting them as needed. While these changes reflect the latest developments in the landscape of circular electronics, the revised roadmap maintains the level of ambition and insight gathered during development of the initial document.

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    Measuring progress

    As an action-oriented initiative, we seek ways to measure our contribution toward a circular electronics industry. We take a meaningful, yet pragmatic approach that acknowledges the limits of what information is realistically available and the resources needed to acquire reliable and representative data.