Design from Recycling: Practical guidelines for designers

CEP Secretariat
April 11, 2024
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Design from Recycling: Practical guidelines for designers Text and Image by PolyCE

Author: PolyCE

Four years ago, a consortium of 20 expert organizations collaborated to explore methods for enhancing the circular utilization of plastics in products. Their aim was to significantly decrease reliance on virgin plastics while increasing the incorporation of recycled plastics in electronic devices.

This project, called the PolyCE project, was commissioned and funded by the European Commission and presented a challenge to overhaul the lifecycle of plastic materials utilized in electronic devices toward sustainability. Within the PolyCE consortium, efforts were concentrated on finding solutions to more effectively recycle the escalating volumes of plastics originating from e-waste. This waste comprises various types of plastics, posing the challenge of improved separation and maintaining material purity during recycling processes. The guidelines outlined in this book are derived from the outcomes of the PolyCE project conducted between 2017 and 2020, reflecting the current status.

This book’s guidelines cater to a specific audience: designers and engineers of electronic devices. They delve into circular plastics design, offering insights on how to design plastic housings and internal components in a circular manner.

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