Circular and Sustainable Public Procurement for ICTs course II.

CEP Secretariat
April 11, 2024
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Circular and Sustainable Public Procurement for ICTs course

Text and Image by ITU

Author: ITU

This is a guide for governments and other public sector organizations that procure information and communications technology (ICT) equipment, systems and services. It sets out the systems and process requirements for ICT procurement in a way that supports the transition to circular and sustainable system solutions. It considers the need for policy and strategy, setting the conditions for and building circular and sustainable design into procurement processes.

The guide draws on consultations with governments, suppliers and experts. A validation workshop, attended by 250 participants from 82 countries was held on 14 February, 2023, also contributed to the guide’s contents and themes. More information and the recording of the workshop are available here.

Governments and other public organizations are invited to use this guide as a tool to formulate and strengthen circular and sustainable procurement of ICT equipment, systems and services. The guide can serve as a reference for an entire approach, or for individual actions: policy and strategy development; creating the conditions; or embedding circularity and sustainability into procurement processes. The toolkit is designed to support governments and members of the GovStack initiative. ITU has developed this toolkit as part of its work within the GovStack initiative.

This guide was developed in coordination with the development of Recommendation ITU-T L.1061 “Circular public procurement of information and communication technologies”, acting as a ‘how-to’ companion to many concepts in this and other ITU Recommendations.​

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