Our roadmap will help guide the industry and stakeholders to transition to circular electronics.

Guiding your transition

With our expertise and ability to monitor progress, we are well-positioned to drive the industry wide shift to circularity.

The roadmap is a product of an extensive stakeholder engagement process and its success relies on continued collaboration. Over 80 experts from 40 companies contributed to the guide to address barriers and enablers to the industry transition. The roadmap sets objectives for key areas of the electronics value chain, from design to sourcing and manufacturing through to reverse logistics and recycling.

Explore the six pathways of our roadmap

Our roadmap: open and explore

Our detailed roadmap outlines the key interventions and players required to achieve a circular electronics industry.

Each step of the value chain is addressed and organized based on a timescale and whether it can be actioned by the industry, partners, governments, NGOs or research institutes.

Download the roadmap in English (PDF, 1MB) Download the roadmap in Chinese (PDF, 2.5MB)
Circular Electronics Roadmap: An industry strategy towards circularity